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How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life - The Podcast

How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life is a self-help podcast that inspires people to lead a more positive and happy life!

Host and author, Sally-Anne Hurley, has reinvented the ideas and tips featured in her first book, 2018's How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life, in podcast form, sharing stories of hope, joy, determination and creativity.

About Sally

Sally is the host of the podcast and author of 2018's self-help book, How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life. She completed her Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College in 2011 and has worked in online content and communications since. She continues to work as a freelance writer in her spare time.

Sally is proudly from South Western Sydney and still resides in the region, using her podcast where possible to promote the amazing talent and stories in the area. 

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